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Leslie Saunders: Simplifi Benefits

Simplifi Benefits

If you are an employer who wants to:

  • Maximize employee take home pay/disposable income
  • Reduce the company's tax burden and lower the cost of labor
  • Give employees all the choices the health insurance market has to offer and provide access to a comprehensive benefits portfolio
  • Stop wasting time sponsoring a "one-size fits no one" insurance plan

Simplifi Benefits is the answer

Employer Advantages
Customized by class with complete control of costs

Allow employees to pay for their own health insurance on a pre-tax basis and, if desired, provide tax free reimbursements for those policies. Levels of reimbursements between classes of employees (full-time, part-time, salaried, executive, hourly, etc.) are customizable; so the business owner has complete control of the budget – now and in the future. All services are delivered directly to the employee and their family, which enables your HR staff more time for activities that increase productivity and profits.

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Employee Advantages
Permanent, portable plans at prices below comparable group insurance

Most people can purchase their own policies for 20-50% less than comparable group plans plus get all the pre-tax benefits. All employees will have access to our top-tier team of Insurance Advisors to help them choose a plan based on their own needs and budget. After the policy is placed, our Customer Advocates handle any questions, claim issues and customer service needs. And, employees don't have to share personal information with the "Boss" or HR anymore.

Simplifi Benefits are available to companies of all sizes!

Simplifi Basic

With Simplifi Basic, employers can provide an option that allows employees to pay for their own health insurance on a pre-tax basis.

Simplifi Premier

With Simplifi Premier, employers can also provide tax-free funds to certain classes of employees or all employees to purchase their own health care insurance and for reimbursement of allowable health care expenses. Includes Simplifi Basic.